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Web Design Bognor Regis is a website design company offering a range of website design and website optimization services especially tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

Because we specialise in dealing with small businesses, we know that any investment made simply has to offer maximum return. So when it comes to specialist small business website design, our Bognor Regis service makes sure that your website becomes a valuable asset to your business and works as a highly effective sales and marketing tool rather than just giving you a run-of-the-mill online presence.

Creating sales leads
Your website needs to successfully create sales leads, and whether it is product sales, promotion of services or bookings you are aiming to capture, most of these will come via search engine results. Because over 80% of click-throughs occur within natural search listings as opposed to sponsored listings, it is imperative that your website is fully optimised so that it ranks highly in the search engines.

Closing the sale
Once sales leads have been created and visitors have been attracted to your website through good search engine rankings, the next step is to close the sale. For this to happen, the website and any online checkout system has to be well designed and easy to use, and the content has to be written in such a way that the potential customer is completely convinced by your captivating explanations leading them to either click ‘buy’, ‘book’ or ‘contact’.

Web Design Bognor Regis offers an all round specialist small business website optimization service which includes:

Search engine optimisation
Ensuring that your website is built using tried and trusted techniques to ensure visibility in the search engines is uppermost in our aims when building or updating your website. Without blinding you with technical jargon, suffice it to say that Web Design Bognor Regis is exceedingly experienced and qualified in optimising any website, whether it´s a static brochure site or a complex ecommerce online shopping experience. In summary, every website we build is error-free, validated, compatible with all major web browsers and optimised for download speed and search engine compatibility.

Keyword selection and professional website content copy writing
Research has revealed that websites that rank at the top of the search engines have one thing clearly in common: good writing. The top-ranking web pages are consistently much better written than the vast majority that appear on the internet.

Because of this fact, Web Design Bognor Regis offers a professional website content copy writing service to complement their specialist design service, making sure that the message on your pages not only highlights the benefits of your products and services and effectively sells your business, but is cleverly written with search engine optimisation in mind.

Before commencing our professional web content copy writing service, we spend a considerable amount of time studying and establishing the most important, relevant keywords and phrases that will give your website the best possible results in search engine searches.

Once we have made our keyword selection, we give the list to our professional and highly experienced website content copy writer to weave into your page content. The copy writer takes time to discuss with you all aspects of your business, its unique selling points, your background, aims for the future and as much information as possible to be able to write effectively for your website.

Reciprocal and back links
We will encourage and help you to achieve as many incoming links to your website as possible, as this is another initiative that will work in your favour for the success of your website. There are various methods for obtaining links into your website from various sources and we can advise you on all of these and help you by offering additional, add-on services that will work as a vital part of your website marketing campaign and our website optimization service.

Regularly updated content
Search engines favour regularly updated content. We recommend that you include a page on your small business website that changes weekly or monthly – it could be industry news, special offers, latest products and services, tips, press coverage or even company news. We can even write these for you as an optional, effective regular add-on service.

We cannot claim to guarantee top search engine rankings and you should not listen to other organisations that do so, because guarantees are simply not possible. What we can do is spend time trying our very best to get you ranked well, and to ensure once your website has been found by potential customers, they will be more likely to buy from you.

Here are some examples of websites designed by Web Design Bognor Regis that have had success within the major search engines:

SLG Comms Ltd (

Photo Extreme (

Web Design Bognor Regis: making professional, quality website design; ecommerce solutions and software; database systems; search engine optimisation; web hosting and domain names readily available to every small business in Bognor Regis and the south east of England.

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