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Web Design Bognor Regis is a website design company offering a range of website design services especially tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

Modern websites offer a powerful mix of audio and visual information and visitors are gradually becoming more demanding, expecting to see a range of interactive virtual tours, product demonstrations, try-before-you-buy applications, animated ‘how it works’ tutorials and other interactive tools.

Flash is a very powerful and flexible tool that allows you to generate anything from a straightforward image slideshow to an advanced multimedia online audio/video tutorial. Flash technology, when used correctly by a web design company with specialist knowledge, can provide many benefits for a small business website because it:

Flash is this generation´s most popular multimedia technology and is therefore pre-installed on most modern internet browsers, meaning no need for additional downloads or software investments.

Flash delivers impact, immediately capturing interest and attention; a vital part of retaining visitor interest, providing the ideal opportunity to show exactly what you have to offer.

Web Design Bognor Regis provides an expert and all-encompassing Flash design service, offering the most popular Flash applications, including:

Flash Image Slideshows
Integrating a slick online image gallery into your website is easy using Flash technology. There is a plethora of options, and by combining imagination with Flash expertise, Web Design Bognor Regis can create anything from simple auto view image galleries to impressive, innovative albums utilising the latest in design ideas.

Flash Image Viewers
Flash image viewers provide an interactive way to showcase products on ecommerce websites. They offer options like zooming in on detail and viewing multiple angles and a range of product options. Flash Image Viewers are also ideal for viewing maps and conducting virtual location tours, as well as offering a whole host of other interactive applications.

Flash Video Players and Video Streaming
Many web-based video formats offer little more than video playback in a rectangular window where files have to be downloaded and are often subject to breaks and delays. Not very compelling for the visitor, who may become bored and leave your website as a result!

Flash video streaming, however, presents video content seamlessly and can be viewed using any Flash Video Player. The moment a visitor arrives on your website they encounter your video, giving you the instant opportunity to launch your sales pitch. Whether it´s a product or service demonstration, or video footage of an event or location; Flash Video Streaming offers a variety of benefits for any small business website.

Flash Audio Players and Audio Streaming
Adding sound to a website means you can better explain your product and its benefits; make testimonials sound more believable; and provide a more personal touch. When music is used it brings visuals to life, setting the scene behind your message and tailoring your offering to specific audiences by using certain styles.

Using Flash Audio Streaming on a website encourages visitors to stay, and listen. There is no need to download audio files; visitors are simply met with your presentation on entering your website. Streaming audio is seamless, highly accessible, user-friendly and compatible with most browsers and audio file types.

When visitors encounter Flash technology on a website they are usually impressed by the impact of sound and vision, and grateful for the useful interactive features on offer. However, Flash applications can have the opposite effect if not used wisely. It is therefore imperative that you choose a good Flash website design company like Web Design Bognor Regis that follows a strict set of rules to ensure your website is fully optimised and accessible.

Web Design Bognor Regis: making professional, quality website design; ecommerce solutions and software; database systems; search engine optimisation; web hosting and domain names readily available to every small business in Bognor Regis and the south east of England.

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