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Web Design Bognor Regis is a website design company offering a range of web design services especially tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

Having spent many years learning about the unique website design needs of a small business, we firmly believe that the ability to maintain, edit and update your own website, ecommerce online store or database system is crucial to aid the smooth running of your business, your ability to keep on top of your marketing and in regular contact with your customers, and to reduce the costs of website updates.

The content management system works in perfect harmony with the Web Design Bognor Regis small business website design and ecommerce website design services.

What is a content management system?
A content management system allows you to easily add, edit or remove content on your website without the need for advanced IT or programming skills. Edits can be made via a simple interface called WYSIWYG that is accessed through a web browser, meaning you can update your website wherever you are, whenever you wish. Updates are made in real time and no special software is required.

The benefits of a content management system for a small business
For a small business, the cost and time saving benefits of being able to update and edit your own website or ecommerce system and access your own data are vast. You can:

All without having to wait for a website designer to do it for you, without their hourly charge and without the cost of purchasing any editing software. If you decide you want to run a special offer to boost sales one month, then you can access your content management system and set it up immediately wherever you are, providing you have access to the internet!

How does the content management system work?
After logging in using a secure username and password, you are just a few clicks away from editing your website content, inserting images, videos, documents and links and adding or deleting pages.

  1. Select the page you want to update and click the edit icon
  2. Using the WYSIWYG editor, type or paste in and format text; add images, video or audio files; insert hyperlinks to external websites or other pages on your website; include bulleted or numbered lists and build tables
  3. Save your changes, publish them and instantly see live updates to your website or save your changes to review later or be approved by other users before they are published.

And all without having to learn how to use a complicated web design programme!

Is the content management system difficult to learn?
Web Design Bognor Regis believes they supply some of the most straightforward and intuitive content management systems available. We provide full training and after-sales support so that you are not just left alone to get on with editing your website.

However, because the WYSIWYG system is so intuitive, we are confident that you won´t need an instruction manual and even just a prompt in the right direction will see you well on your way to efficiently editing your own website whenever you wish.

Keep your small business moving onwards and upwards with a website you can update any time you desire, wherever you are in the world, without the cost and time restraints of relying on a website designer to do it for you!

Web Design Bognor Regis: making professional, quality website design; ecommerce solutions and software; database systems; search engine optimisation; web hosting and domain names readily available to every small business in Bognor Regis and the south east of England.

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